Complaining and negativity of others

Complaining and negativity of others

Complaining and negativity of others

Underlying thoughts:

„… yes, it’s exactly true, ( ) the constant complaining, this negativity, I avoid it as much as possible and try to stay completely with myself.“


There are people who seem to see a lot of things negatively. They evaluate their world, their fellow human beings, their job, their hobbies and many things they perceive and experience in their lives negatively. They make their own lives look bad. But these are just thoughts. Reviews that portray their world this way. It can be concluded that these people not only appear negative on the outside, but also have a negative internal image of themselves. They are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. People who see the world negatively judge it – unconsciously – negatively. And what a person conveys to the outside world is what he thinks and feels. Realize that you can let these people be, but in a positive sense – to evaluate it – you can also be a role model for them.


My experience:

I also had a phase in which I saw a lot of things negatively and rated everything as inadequate and not according to my expectations. I portrayed situations and people in a negative light and also judged my own attitude – my being – as not worth living. Dissatisfaction was my life and the way I thought and felt. I didn’t live according to my own heart, I just listened to other people telling me how to live. I let what others said dictate my own peace.

This made me dissatisfied and subconsciously made my whole world seem negative. But I wasn’t aware of how I saw the world and had to be made aware of it first. Some people who meant well for me asked me honestly and openly why I see many things so negatively. Only then, I was able to reflect on myself and recognize why I judged my world so negatively. Today I know that I can control my own thoughts. I no longer let my mind rule me, but use it wisely to shape my life the way I imagine it every moment.


Do the following:

If you are already at peace with yourself and recognize your mind and that you can use it to your advantage, you can also make other people aware of why they view their world so negatively. I have also done this a few times to help people recognize themselves. If you are once again in a situation where complaining and negativity reign supreme, you can let these people be, or gently point it out to them. But be aware, that we only create change by uncovering other people’s unconsciousness. Their own thoughts, which they express unconsciously, are a result of their own dissatisfaction that they bring into the world. You can create change by making them aware of their own dissatisfaction. Asking them kindly and listening to them without losing yourself in the process.

How do I stay with myself?

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