Cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias

Underlying thoughts:

“Hello Sabrina, how do I manage to steer my thoughts away from my heart? I only think about it because it also stumbles. I can’t get out of it. My focus is only on my heart…. How can I change this?“


If your health has been checked by a doctor, cardiac arrhythmias can occur due to too little physical exercise, poor diet or too much energy in your head. Energy follows your attention. If you feel your heart stumbling and constantly focus your thoughts on it, then you will continue to sit on the same merry-go-round. Because your thoughts revolve around your heart. It wants to be heard, but that doesn’t work with the mind.

The palpitations are a warning signal for you to let go of your thoughts. If your body is completely at rest, but your thoughts are somewhere else, your heart stumbles. Your attention is not in your body and in the here and now, but – unconsciously – in constant thoughts. Your heart gives you signals to direct the energy from your head into the here and now. And yes, your thoughts will always want to focus on your heart.


My experience

My heart also sent me signals that my mind was once again too loud. The reason for this was too much rest. I wasn’t doing enough physical activity and my thoughts were somewhere else than at that moment. One reason was also eating too much food or eating the wrong food. But I realized that it could be really easy if I just listened to my body. He still gives me signals today so that I can perceive myself. And be aware that when you experience heart palpitations, your thoughts can lead you astray and you constantly focus on it. But you are in your thoughts and not consciously in the here and now.


Do the following to avoid heart palpitations

  • Do physical and active activities to distribute your energy
  • Calm your thoughts with Yin Yoga
  • Use various meditation techniques to sensitize your thoughts

Try it out and do everything you can to gain clarity of mind and avoid cardiac arrhythmias. Be in balance, because physical activity and rest are basic components of human life. Being able to use your mind wisely is a gift of life. Your heart gives you the signal to perceive yourself. Listen and give your body what it needs.


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