Find fulfillment

Find fulfillment

Find fulfillment

Underlying thoughts:

“And you’re doing coaching now or what exactly are you doing?”


The mind always needs a name for something. People cannot let things be, but need an explanation, an evaluation and a naming of a thing. Something to hold on to. There are people who describe my nature as a leader, a being of light, a spiritual advisor or even a coach. They want to lecture me about a supposedly “better” name for what I do. They want to know – their mind wants to understand – what I’m doing, so they look for a point of reference, something the mind can hold on to so as not to feel the emptiness. In order not to appear disoriented and to calm your searching mind with solutions.

The mind will never “understand” the space of all possibilities. Give what you do a name and it becomes reality. A naming is always a limitation. A name gives the thing a limitation. Whatever I do, whatever you do, the fulfillment is not in the name of it. It is the fact that you do something with dedication and with all your heart. Without comparisons, without achieving anything, without measuring yourself, without holding on to anything or anyone. There is a difference whether I write this text to reach 1,000s of people or whether I simply write because I like to write. It’s the fact of writing, not the idea of ​​trying to achieve something with this text. Find fulfillment


My experience

I have been acting from this space of possibilities all my life. I constantly recreate my life and use every day to reflect on it. No two years are the same, I love discovering and learning new things. I love inspiration and the opportunities we are given on this planet, paradise. You can do whatever you like and fulfill you,  deciding now to redesign your life and exchange it for another life.


Do the following

The fulfillment of your life lies in the depth of your self. It will remain hidden forever if you are not honest with yourself and face yourself. This is the fulfillment of your life’s mission. If you neither feel fulfilled nor act with devotion to the moment and according to your nature, your path, your purpose… then you are acting from simple reason. This can lead to suffering if you let him control you. But doing something because you enjoy doing it, because it is meant for you and fulfills you, even if you don’t receive confirmation, is the self-realization of your deep self. This fulfillment and this deep peace arise from the space of all possibilities, from nothing, from your dreams that can let you fly infinitely far.

You can live a surfer life or a mountain life – or even both; Be a musician or an artist, a chef or a consultant. No matter what you do, it should fulfill you from the bottom of your heart and not primarily serve as a source of money. Work because you enjoy doing it, because you are destined to be a leader, because as a consultant you generate the best ideas without knowing where they came from. Because cooking is your destiny and you don’t live according to your parents‘ expectations and guidelines. Deep down you already know your path, but do you have the courage to let go of your current life? Find fulfillment


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