Getting recognition and having expectations

Getting recognition and having expectations

Getting recognition and having expectations

Underlying thoughts:

“What you can do again is a video about expectations and recognition.”


Again and again I experience people who create their own suffering through expectations and demands for recognition. They are not aware that this recognition comes from them. And they are not aware that the opposite of an expectation is radical self-responsibility. If you have expectations of other people and these expectations are not met, then you suffer. You get upset and that causes suffering within you and in your outside world. If you demand recognition from a person, your partner, your boss, your parents, etc. and you don’t get it, then you suffer. These subconscious issues show you that it is time to recognize that there are expectations and recognition to demand only take place within yourself. If you are aware of this, you are also aware that you are creating your own suffering.


My experience

I also had expectations of other people, I demanded recognition and love from outside. Until I recognized the suffering I was creating for myself. I demanded recognition from my boss, my life partners, I demanded recognition from my parents, I demanded recognition for situations that I handled beautifully. I demanded them everywhere in my outside world. Not seing that everything is as it is and that life isn’t divided into good or bad. So I no longer made my life dependent on expectations or the approval of others. Today I no longer meet expectations and have none. And I no longer demand recognition, but am aware of what I can and cannot do. Whoever says this well or speaks badly is not my responsibility and should not influence me.


Do the following

Be aware of your expectations of your partner. Especially in relationships, it is expected that the dishes will be done, the household will function on its own and the child will be looked after. The best way to get these expectations out of the way is: communication. Talk to each other openly and lovingly and have no expectations of your partner. Because that only creates suffering and is poison for a relationship. Stop demanding recognition from other people, your father, your mother, your partner, your boss, etc., but give it to yourself.

Be proud of what you have created. Be proud of what your life is like in this moment because you created it that way. And you can change it at any time, at any moment. Take responsibility for your actions and let expectations be. Speak up and ask for other people to support you and give yourself the recognition that you so desperately want from other people. If you follow this advice, you will never suffer again and live a life of abundance. Because you realize that you bear the responsibility for being your own worst enemy or best friend.


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