How do I control my thoughts?

How do I control my thoughts?

„How do I control my thoughts?“

Underlying thoughts:

“Your videos always give me a lot of encouragement. I just can’t get my thoughts under control. That’s scary.”


Getting your thoughts under control is a vexing issue that you will find difficult to achieve. As a human, you have thoughts and that is completely normal. Thoughts come and go. They are there. There are also moments when the mind is completely silent. But it only becomes quiet when you turn away from your outside world completely. When you are no longer alive, but have turned into yourself. You completely get rid of your outside world, all people and circumstances and detach yourself from it.

Only then will your mind become completely silent. Only when there is nothing left to hold on to – mentally. But you are human and people have thoughts. That’s how it is. You can learn to deal with these thoughts and not let them work against you, but for you. Trying to control your thoughts is like denying your own nature as a human being.


My experience

For a long time I thought the mind had to be permanently silent and was no longer allowed to speak up. I thought all I had to do was be quiet, meditate all day and live my life in complete silence. But that was a denial of my own life. I was no longer living, I wasn’t doing what brought me fun, happiness and joy in life, but I was denying my humanity. My life became a belief that I was no longer allowed to have any thoughts. I have thoughts, just like you. And I’m writing them down here. But I know very consciously how I think to deal with these.

Ich weiß sie zu lenken und zu steuern und ihnen keine Kraft mehr über mein Leben zu geben. Ich nutze meinen Verstand nur dann, wenn mein Wesen es für notwendig hält. So, wie eben diese Zeilen zu schreiben und mir ein Leben nach meinen Vorstellungen zu schaffen. Ich ziehe mich zurück, wenn ich Ruhe benötige, um auch meine Gedanken stiller werden zu lassen und um mich zu reflektieren. Doch kann ich ebenso meine Energie aus meiner Außenwelt hin zu mir lenken. Die Außenwelt nicht mehr auf mich einwirken lassen, auch im größten Großstadttrubel. 


Do the following

Thoughts come as we live. By reflecting as humans on what is happening in our lives. What people we meet and what situations we attract. We learn something new every day. You can learn that you are neither dependent on your outside world nor that you have to control your thoughts. You are human and humans naturally have thoughts. That’s how it is. Let thoughts be there and give them no meaning. Stop trying to control her because that is a compulsion you will never win. You want to control another with one thought, what madness.

And create your own fear. Let it be there. Leave. Let thoughts go. Point. Only pay attention to the thoughts you want to give them. The beautiful things in life, the valuable things, the people who are there for you and with whom you want to spend your life. Control creates fear because if you can’t do something, hold on to it and control it, you could lose it. And loss creates fear. But if you have nothing to lose, what else do you want to control? And at some point you will lose everything as your body falls apart. Why and what are your thoughts holding on to?

We humans are here to live, love, laugh, learn, awaken and realize. We are here to advance evolutionary development not only in the external world but also in consciousness. Let your thoughts be, but don’t use them against you by trying to control them. Just don’t pay them any attention. Keep yourself busy, get into action, into implementation and don’t think about it too much. Rumination brings suffering. If you brood, you give your mind power over your body and your life.

Allow your mind to serve by reflecting rather than ruminating. Bring him to calm through activity or by moving him into calm through breathing exercises or Yin Yoga. No matter what you do, do what feels good to you to realize that you will never control your thoughts. All you can do is recognize it, control it, and divert your attention from it, or use it to create an abundant life for yourself. Because be aware: You are a human being, people have thoughts and it is a privilege that only we living beings are granted. So use this privilege for rather than against yourself, let your heart rule, not your mind – and live!

Wie kontrolliere ich meine Gedanken?

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