Learn to say no

Learn to say no

Learn to say no

Underlying thoughts:

„I’m so annoyed by people who constantly want something from me. What am I doing?“


Your own feeling of being annoyed is a suffering that you create for yourself. This is triggered within you by your external world, but it is up to you to take a look at this topic. The universe, your outside world, keeps giving you the same lessons until you realize that you are standing in this energy. You attract these situations – unconsciously – into your life because you vibrate on these energetic levels. If you attract people into your life who constantly demand something from you, you will neither be able to say “no” nor be able to draw an energetic boundary. You continue to give them your energy.


My experience

For a long time, I too held on to situations and people that I repeatedly attracted into my life. My topic was situations and people that had a toxic effect on me – that didn’t do me any good. I attracted her into my life many times and just didn’t realize why. And I wasn’t doing well with it at all. I couldn’t draw a line or say “no” to these people. But I soon realized through speaking out, saying “no” and setting boundaries that this was exactly what brought me inner peace. Today I know that saying something clearly and communicating something is essential to creating peace – regardless of what other people think or think about it. Because it is their own thoughts and issues that they have to solve.

And what happened then? I no longer attracted these toxic situations and people into my life. Quite the opposite. Today I consciously choose the people I want to attract into my life. I can also show others where my physical limits are without words, just with my posture. I can consciously create my life with my energetic charisma alone – without pressure, with patience and of course clear implementation. And it’s exactly on this path that inexplicable things happen that lead me to fulfill my dreams… Because life always finds a way. Learn to say no


Do the following

If you no longer want to be annoyed and surrounded by toxic situations and people, then learn to say “no”. Learn to set clear boundaries with your posture, your energy and also learn to give. But give in balance and when it is time for it, without forgetting yourself. Being annoyed causes you to radiate the same energy and attract people into your life who vibrate on your same level. Stop giving them your attention, but give it to the beautiful and the one you want to give it to.

Make it clear to yourself: if you radiate serenity, calm, clarity and peace, then you will also attract these people into your life. Stop letting other people determine your inner peace, but give when you want it. Give wholeheartedly when you see fit and in balance so as not to overlook yourself. To not forget yourself, to stay with yourself and to give only enough energy to continue to be at peace with yourself. Learn to say no


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