Self-healing – Can I heal myself?

Self-healing – Can I heal myself?

Self-healing – Can I heal myself?

Underlying thoughts:

“Of course you can heal everything yourself! Absolutely everyone has the strength to do this! What’s even shocking is that it’s incredibly simple and that’s why it’s so difficult! Because the mind/ego cannot understand it. Note: mind/ego limited. Ourselves = Limitless.”


There are people who neither believe in self-healing nor are they willing to do good for themselves. They vehemently reject self-healing, resist it and often even let other people take responsibility for them. It can be so simple and you don’t even have to believe in it because your mind is limited. And believing is thinking. The mind is clever, creates chaos of thoughts. It makes you think you are looking for something instead of finding healing, finding peace in the here and now.

Self-healing means going into silence. It means actively moving your body and also giving it peace. Self-healing means working through all your subconscious issues in order to permanently silence your thoughts. Once you have recognized the peaceful state of being, you will always find your way back to it. You recognize your own thoughts and that they keep you tense and can even cause physical discomfort. Because why are there people aged 70 who succumb to their illnesses? And why do those who are still physically fit ski, surf, travel or go on mountain tours? Yes, I have met them, even some over 80 years old.


My experience

For a long time I also thought that others were responsible for my happiness, my well-being and my physical problems. No matter what I did, the people I surrounded myself with, or where I was, it was up to me how I treated myself and my body. But all the discussions, all the hardships of traveling, the running through my life, caused tension in me. I couldn’t calm down, but kept running to achieve an even better goal. Mental suffering causes physical suffering. Because all thoughts cause feelings and therefore tension in the body. Over time, these tensions can become real physical problems. So it was with me.

Ultimately I ended up in the CT and realized that things couldn’t go on like this. I was my own enemy. But the pain often has to be great enough to be recognized. It has to be big enough to bring about change. And I did. I went into self-healing little by little. Because I realized that everything that was triggering me was my own thoughts. So I was able to detach myself more and more from my outside world and even switch off my thoughts completely through my own meditations and transcendent experiences. With this I brought my body into the well-deserved healing. Because I too would like to be one of the 70-year-olds who still surfs and goes on mountain tours. Life offers so much and this planet is so big that we can never get bored. Self-healing – Can I heal myself?


Do the following

Self-healing means calming your thoughts so that your body is no longer in tension. Use conscious periods of rest or Yin Yoga to move your mind into silence. Recognize subconscious issues by bringing them to your attention through the people around you. All thoughts, all feelings that cause a reaction in you take place within you. Find peace in the present moment.

You have a certain life energy and you can control it if you are aware of your thoughts. When you are aware that you are not your thoughts, but have thoughts. These thoughts change. Opinions and perspectives change. They are just thoughts and if you vehemently insist on your opinion, you are still trapped in your own ego. You limit yourself.

Life is in this moment. Life is what your heart tells you. Everything else is your thoughts, which hold you captive and damage your body. Your mind is limited. But if you go into the silence, find peace all to yourself, then your thoughts will become calmer and you will realize what it means to enjoy the beauty of the present moment. You will recognize your tension and that it is you who can heal yourself and move from tension to relaxation. Self-healing takes place through you and is a gift given to you as a human being. Use it for yourself to create a life of abundance and live it the way you want from your heart – even at 70…


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