Sex addict

Sex addict


Underlying thoughts:

“My problem is actually that I’m a sex addict. … ( ) … I just need that kick. Especially outside in nature. I think I’m a hopeless case.”


Unfortunately, sex and the shame that comes with it is still a big taboo topic in our society. But who judges whether you are a sex addict?  Who evaluates the frequency of sex and the result of it, sex addiction? When do you have too much sex and when is the frequency too little? Who says whether something is wrong or right? Who says whether something is too much or too little? – Your thoughts. All of this takes place in your head, or in the minds of other people who put these thoughts into your head. Yes, sex can become torture when you realize that you need sex to feel good. Sex can become torture when you don’t get it and you realize that’s exactly why you’re suffering. But do you want to continue to be dependent on your own urges?

We are humans and humans are capable of experiencing sex consciously and in balance. We can decide how we deal with the drive within us and how we live it out. What is important, however, is that it brings joy to everyone and does no harm to anyone. Only then do you act consciously and in harmony with your desire. You don’t let your urges control you, but rather live them out with pleasure and in complete ecstasy. How often you do this is up to you. Just recognize whether you need sex – unconsciously – or whether you can cope without it for a long time. Because the need for sex often reflects the search for attention and the lack of love from your parents. Maybe you also want to please others and demand their attention.


My experience

There were ex-partners in my life who were not able to experience sex together. They allowed themselves to be completely seduced by their instinct, their desire. Until they realized that interacting together can be the greatest pleasure of all. Others were only focused on me and wanted to satisfy me. Whereupon I gave in here and made it clear that both partners are capable of having fun with sex. My first relationship lasted for several years. She gave me the power to deal with my own desires. This relationship laid the foundation for a fulfilling sex life. And a fulfilling sex life in which both partners get their money’s worth in full ecstasy is the wisest sex. It gives you energy like I’ve never experienced in any other way…


Do the following

Whatever makes you feel good during sex, know that you are neither a lost cause nor a problem. It is like it is. And whatever you do with the situation now is up to you. Experience sex consciously, enjoy it and open yourself to the moment by being completely in control of your urges. You will realize what it means to live out this desire to the fullest and believe me, it will give you an incredible amount of energy. It gives you energy by giving happily, giving consciously and being in harmony with your partner.

Reflect on whether you really have too much sex – are you addicted to sex – whether you hurt people with it and what are you ultimately really looking for?! Reflect on why you judge yourself, what truly brings you peace, and whether it is sex that makes life. Don’t let your urges rule you, use them for pleasure and not because you need all that to feel good. Not because society tells you sex is bad, too much sex is bad and too little too. Sex is sex and if you live it completely consciously, without needing it, with a person who perceives it that way, then you are having truly profound sex and will be able to live it in complete ecstasy.


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