Shift focus away from the heart

Shift focus away from the heart

Shift focus away from the heart

Underlying thoughts:

“How do I get rid of this focus? Even normally without tutoring? That I simply, I say, instead of observing my heart and noticing it all the time, find some other object within myself? For example the pelvis, the legs, the feet. Is it exactly the same thing, staring at it for so long and with so much intensity that it just anchors itself there? Or how is that going?”


If you are too busy focusing on your heart, the palpitations or the extrasystoles, you are already heavily conditioned. You give your heart all the attention or even letting go of it. Your subconscious has focused on your heart over the past time and is now heavily trained to do so. This focus on your heart can cause psychological suffering. Your mind is busy focusing on your heart and this can turn into anxiety if you don’t quiet your thoughts. If your health regarding your heart is completely clarified and you still experience palpitations or extrasystoles, develop mental fears that keep you restless, then it is time to wake up and let go. Because energy follows your attention.


My experience

I also had a time when I noticed the palpitations and extrasystoles very clearly in my body. I thought I had serious heart problems, despite a visit to the cardiologist and several tests that confirmed my complete health. My mind was driving me astray because I would get anxiety attacks when my heart would have these skips. Today I only feel my heart peripherally and to a limited extent, because I know my heart has a lot to say to me when it exhibits this behavior. Through physical exercise, through complete rest, through distraction and change, I was able to shift my focus away from it.


Do the following

If your mind has become too focused on focusing on your heart in complete health, then it is up to you to change that focus. Use physical exercise, find peace, or consciously distract yourself. Embrace the change, create space and space to get rid of this trained focus. Be clear about the following: if you are aware of this event and you want to get rid of it, then you are still sending your energy there. You try to get rid of the thought of your heart pounding with another thought. So you also give your energy to the idea of ​​“wanting to get rid of him”. And energy follows your attention. You are in the mind and not in the perception of the present moment.

Now give your energy to something else. Detach yourself from the thought by setting a trigger for yourself at the moment the thought arises. This way you can distract your mind from it, take the focus away from the heart, weaken your thoughts about it until you no longer pay attention to it at all. Because it is important that you realize that wanting to get rid of this thought also demands your attention.

Don’t try to get rid of it, distract yourself for now as that can help change the focus. Try not to think about trying to get rid of the thought. Do something else in the moment, listen to music, go into nature, do some physical activity. This is the only way to change your energy flow. You will no longer be able to give all your attention to your heart and finally be able to make peace with it.


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