Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

Underlying thoughts:

“If we don’t have a safe environment and maybe we’re standing. If you are alone, a psychologist is a good choice, because if the interpersonal relationship is right and has the skills, he or she will build a secure bond with you in which it is possible to reflect, grow and heal from yourself. I think it’s important to mention this because if I had put myself in my old self and watched this video back then, you would have given me the impression and confirmed to me that I can do this on my own! … ( )….”


If you don’t have a safe environment where you feel safe, that offers you protection and security, love and well-being, especially as a child, then you will be conditioned to it. You are conditioned not to feel love because it is not shown and modeled to you. You don’t build trust in life and your fellow human beings because this isn’t conveyed to you either. If you recognize these deep subconscious issues within yourself through a psychologist or another person, then you can free yourself. Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

Realize that it is only your thoughts, your feelings of conditioning that you perceive and feel within yourself. Deep peace lies only in this moment. At this moment, by reading these lines. Everything else are trained patterns, conditionings that keep you trapped within yourself and keep coming back if you don’t solve them.

Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

My experience

My life was also riddled with patterns. I had a secure childhood, but I was still influenced by my environment. Deep patterns that were going on within me that caused me to hurt other people and even think that I was right. I built up a protective cloak for myself and didn’t want to show my feelings or open my heart. Accordingly, I attracted situations and people into my life. I was triggered, had many painful experiences and was able to resolve them all independently with loving people. I automatically reflected on the situations and freed myself from my patterns, thoughts and behavior over the years. But there are great people in my life that I can confide in. With whom I can talk openly and honestly and show my feelings. They are just there and give me their time and energy.

Should I go to a psychologist? (2)

Do the following

In order to detach yourself and free yourself from these thoughts of insecurity, discord and anger, you can of course consult a healer or even a psychologist. There are people who can support you in your healing and de-conditioning because we learn from and through each other. We humans are social creatures and are created to live together. Find a person, whether a psychologist or not, and trust yourself to free yourself from your thoughts and feelings.

Free yourself from subconscious issues, no matter how. Go to a psychologist and use this avenue to find healing. No matter how you do it, wake up and realize that your entire life is based on your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Be aware that the deepest basic trust and inner peace can only be found in this moment. Far away from your thoughts, feelings and actions. This basic trust is already there when you let yourself fall deeply into it and finally free yourself from your own thoughts.

Soll ich zu einem Psychologen gehen? (2)

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