Should I go to a psychologist?

Should I go to a psychologist?

Should I go to a psychologist?

Underlying thoughts:

“What do you think of psychologists? If I may ask? Would you go there?”


All the issues that your body shows you that cause you to suffer physically or mentally have something to do with holding on to your life circumstances. They have something to do with the people around you, your conditioning and your subconscious issues. Psychological suffering arises from your own views, experiences and thoughts that you have trained yourself over the years. Mental suffering is the main cause of physical problems, tension and illness. But be aware that no one can free you from this suffering except yourself. People, psychologists, are not there to save you, they just stand by you and listen so that you can free yourself.

People ask me what I think of psychologists and whether I would go to one. My opinion has no bearing here. I have not been to a psychologist nor do I think they are helpful to me. I cannot judge this, even though I myself suffered deeply during a depressive phase. Since I am now aware that all suffering – mental and physical – comes from myself, I also know how to deal with it. I often talked about my suffering with people close to me and let all my emotions flow freely. Not suppressing this speech and emotions and showing them in other people helped me realize that I was creating suffering for myself.


My experience

My thoughts created physical tension and this physical tension soon led to physical suffering. Mostly until I ended up in the hospital. In the emergency room, the doctors told me that my body was healthy, but that this could quickly take a turn if I was not mentally healthy. Today I know that I created all the problems myself. Psychological stress and self-inflicted pressure is the most common cause of physical complaints. And the psychologists I know struggle with the issues they treat with other people themselves. Many people want to heal others instead of starting with themselves – that’s my experience. And I can also say that about the people I was able to get to know in my environment. Who call themselves healers, psychologists and whatever…

Well, if you ask me if I would go to a psychologist, I would say “No”. That’s just my opinion. Because I am already aware of myself vigilantly. I have lovely people in my life who support me and listen. Even if that sounds strange, they are just thoughts. But these thoughts can subconsciously cause so much damage to the body that you even believe that others are to blame for your evil and suffering. Realize that you alone are responsible for how you treat your body.


Do the following

Perceive your thoughts, use periods of rest to resolve deep subconscious issues through Yin Yoga, triggering and alert awareness of yourself. You don’t need a psychologist for this, just someone who listens to you and is there for you. If you don’t have this person on hand, find a psychologist who can be there for you. Someone you trust and who will ask you the right questions to solve your issues with you. But be sure: everything is fine if you simply let go in phases of deep pain and let yourself fall into the trust of life. You will suddenly see the beauty in everything, beyond your pain and the deep suffering that you create for yourself within yourself.


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