Take personal responsibility

Take personal responsibility

Take personal responsibility 

Underlying thoughts:

“I also think that you should just listen to your heart and follow your path in order to have a fulfilling life. I am convinced of that today. … ( ) … The best doctor is yourself. SELF RESPONSIBILITY is everything in life.”


If you want a fulfilled life through positive thoughts, a life of inner peace, to live your dreams and listen to your heart, then it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself. Nothing and no one can give you peace except yourself. No one can live your dreams but you. Nothing and no one can hear your talent, your gifts, except you. It is you who can recognize and perceive yourself. No doctor will be able to give you fulfillment, living your dreams, living a life with peaceful intentions. It is up to your radical self-responsibility to take your life into your own hands and shape it the way your heart tells you to do.


My experience

My life is flooded with beautiful, eventful experiences. Even today, my heart always shows me the way. I listen to my body so as not to lose myself and to make myself aware that everything in life can move forward in a relaxed and patient manner. Being responsible for how I think, how I act and how I shape my life. I really like to move forward in a relaxed and patient manner. To let life decide where it takes me. My mind only causes trouble when I ignore my body, so I listen primarily to my body and use my life energy wisely. Little by little I move on and in the process I recreate my own life every day. I open myself to new things, travel, discover, learn, adventure is a must and I love it.


Do the following

Be aware that taking personal responsibility means freedom. You alone are responsible for how you feel, how you think, feel and act. Nobody else. You destroy your body or build it up by your way of thinking. Every pain – whether physical or psychological – has something to tell you. Listen. The best doctor is yourself. You can heal if you let go of everything and calm your mind. You are responsible for your life and that means freedom. Create it according to your ideas, not according to other people’s ideas. Live it according to your heart, because that’s what you’re here for.


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