Which yoga is right for me?

Which yoga is right for me?

Which yoga is right for me?

Underlying thoughts:

“Which yoga can you recommend?”


There are many ways you can practice yoga and exercise. What is important, however, is that it brings you stability, lightness, physical well-being, not stress, but joy. It is therefore fundamental to know which yoga to practice and when to keep your mind clear and build up your body, but also protect it. Through yoga you can balance both – rest and activity. But you can also do other sports to keep your body in balance. Try it out and find the sport that brings you joy and interests you. Because physical activity, calm and active, is essential for your life.


My experiences and recommendations for yoga to keep your body in balance:

  • Yin yoga is suitable for releasing your body and bringing it into complete peace. It is optimal for moving your thoughts into silence and being able to see clearly (mental calm and strength, as well as releasing physical tension)
  • Active yoga strengthens your core and also your strength endurance, so that your body can stabilize and physical complaints can be reduced (such as back pain)

But yoga is not the only part of my life. Water sports – surfing – and mountain sports – hiking – are also basic components. There are a variety of ways to activate your body, encourage it to calm down and use it to resolve subconscious issues. Over the years, all the experiences through tension have become apparent in your body. It is important to resolve these again and to remain in balance through relaxation and tension. No matter how you move your body, it’s important to consider both. It is also essential to deal with it wisely to avoid physical discomfort. Here are both aspects again:


Physical relaxation and tension:

  • Rest and relaxation through Yin Yoga / Stretching
  • Activity and tension through active yoga / sports / mountain or water sports / ball sports etc.

Also pay attention to a balanced diet and be aware that the path to balance also applies here. Strict abstinence or dependence causes controlling thoughts or addictive behavior. Pay attention to your body. He knows exactly what he needs in order to let the best possible energy flow. Because as soon as symptoms arise, be aware of the lack of balanced nutrition and physical relaxation and tension.


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