Acceptance of the present moment despite change

Acceptance of the present moment despite change

Acceptance of the present moment despite change

Underlying thoughts:

“But if you constantly need something new, you don’t accept the present moment.”


Be aware of the unconscious need and conscious curiosity to embrace change. Both are differences like day and night. The unconscious need to feel good can be a possession, a person or another goal where you want to arrive because you don’t seem happy right now. But realize that all of this is taking place in your own mind. You want to achieve something, you need something from your outside world or another person to make you feel good within yourself. If you run from one event to the next, you don’t recognize the beauty of the present moment. You are not alertly aware of the moment, but your thoughts are somewhere else entirely. And you identify with your mind, which tells you that things are better somewhere else and that your outside world could give you the peace that has long been present within you.


My experience

I, too, ran through my life and did a lot of things unconsciously. I had to move on quickly, experience the next adventure and run to the next destination, thinking I would be happier if I could check off another experience on my list. But all of this was a fallacy of my mind. I was unaware of my thoughts and where they were taking me, instead of consciously doing what I wanted from my heart in the here and now.

Now I know exactly what I can do, how I can do it and when I can do it. I can make conscious decisions and approach change with curiosity. I know that I am the designer of my life and if I am aware of my thoughts, then I can control them. The next goal is not about a need, but rather I am now doing what is necessary to be happy. Enjoy the present moment and still be able to do what brings me fun and joy.


Do the following

The need you are talking about is therefore the unconscious need of your outside world so that you feel good. However, you do not recognize the peace that already exists in everything. Acceptance of the present moment despite change – this is where fulfillment lies. You can consciously shape your world the way you want it to be and still be aware of the present moment. One does not exclude the other, be clear about that.

If you are at peace with yourself, consciously perceive the here and now, then shape your life the way you want it. This has nothing to do with unconscious needing. Because you know that you can let go of your outside world and people at any time because you don’t need any of that. Be curious, discover the world and do what brings you joy and fulfills you. Only then will you not only recognize the fullness within you, but also the fullness of life and that you can shape it the way you consciously imagine it in the here and now.


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