Buying new things

Buying new things

Buying new things

Underlying thoughts:
“Yes, but it’s great when I buy new things here and there. But it always makes me feel bad towards other people.”


Be aware that consumption and greed to always buy new things triggers a feeling of happiness in you. If you’re not aware of it, you get lost in it and the reward center of your brain gets used to it. You then need things, things, consumption to feel good about yourself, instead of reflecting on yourself whether you truly need these things and things. This can become an addiction. So be clear about this: Feeling good by giving yourself that feeling through consumption is a need and a desire. You are not fulfilled, but unconsciously fill yourself through consumption.


My experience

Growing up in my parents‘ business, the lack of money wasn’t an issue. My parents worked hard to maintain the property, the business and our wealth. We had a big house, endless cars and I soon bought my first condominium. As I stood there in my apartment, with a car in front of the door and a well-paying job in the family business, I was neither happy nor was my body feeling good. I had everything, but was dissatisfied. This awareness made me rethink everything. To let go and move to the mountains. Beyond all the possessions, wealth and my family. From that point on, my life took place on a mattress, on the farm. I worked in nature as an outdoor guide and built my fulfilling life little by little. My parents took an example and did the same.


Do the following

Make it clear to yourself that it’s not about not achieving anything. Not to treat yourself to something, but rather not to lose yourself in it and to create a certain dependency through consumption. Which, in this case, results in a guilty conscience. You yourself decide on your consumption, how you deal with it, and whether you really need everything you own.  To identify with it, to present yourself, to brag about it, to decorate it and thereby to feel good. Once you become aware of all of this, you will realize that all the abundance already exists within yourself.


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