Choose to be conscious

Choose to be conscious

Choose to be conscious

Underlying thoughts:

“No, you can’t always be conscious of everything. Especially when you’re driving, sometimes you’re so lost in thought that you don’t even know how you got from one place to another…“


You can master every moment of your life consciously, alertly and with dedication – be constantly aware. Or you can let unconscious processes and ways of thinking shape your life. But you don’t have to live through every moment completely consciously and vigilantly. Because you alone decide how you shape and live your life. We humans often act unconsciously. You simply react in your external world without questioning yourself in your actions and ways of thinking.

These are actions according to your conditioned thought patterns and statements from your parents, your environment or what society tells you to do. You react in a derogatory, snippy or aggressive manner, vehemently reject situations, statements and things from other people instead of empathizing with them and simply letting these situations and statements be. Because if you react unconsciously to something or someone, then you don’t recognize it, but are unconscious in the way you think, feel and act. You are triggered.


My experience

I, too, went through my life unconsciously, because unconscious processes also took place within me. I vehemently rejected other people’s statements and situations. Was aggressive or unfair towards other people. I soon recognized the current moment because I was triggering myself towards myself through my outside world. And reflected on myself in all situations, experiences and statements made by others. Today I know exactly when I can react to what and how and when I can’t, because I am aware of the moment. I simply know that all other people’s statements are their statements. Not mine. How and whether I react to it is entirely up to me.


Do the following

Be aware of every moment in your life and choose to be aware. Also be clear about unconscious processes and whether you want to continue to go through your life unconsciously. Because everything you react to is you and represents a trigger for you. There are many things we cannot influence. But we can decide how we as humans respond and react to it at the moment “now” – whether peacefully or annoyed, whether in hatred or in love. Maybe you can’t go through your life fully consciously because you simply don’t know how you react, think and feel. You simply don’t recognize yourself through others. Even though you believe you are living the moment fully, consciously and alertly. Don’t judge yourself for it, continue on your path and realize that inner peace can only be recognized in the present moment, beyond unconscious processes and ways of thinking.


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