Experience feelings consciously

Experience feelings consciously

Experience feelings consciously

Underlying thoughts:

“What about you Sabrina, is there still a feeling of tension, for example in a thriller or an action film or in films in general? If you consciously watch the film, it shouldn’t really be there anymore, right?”


Are you aware of your inner world. If you know yourself well enough and have a clear mind, then you can also decide to consciously experience feelings. You can surround yourself with people who make you feel good, or watch movies that give you feelings of excitement, love, action, etc. You can naturally empathize because we are all connected. Therefore, people who are clear with themselves also sense the feelings and issues of others.


My experience

I am aware of what I am watching and what influence it has on me, the way I think and feel. Therefore, I can consciously decide which films and people, as well as the energies of my outside world, I allow to influence me. Internal processes clouded my judgment at the time. I was not aware of what feelings represented mine. Nor whether all of these were taking place within me or within other people. Today I am clear that I am free and at peace within myself.

I perceive the present moment vigilantly and therefore recognize other people’s feelings. I perceive everything sensitively and simply know that in the presence of other people it is not my feelings that are perceived, but theirs. That’s why I can empathize with emotional worlds played out through films and decide accordingly which ones I consciously allow to have an effect on me and which ones I don’t.


Do the following

Maybe you too are a person who empathizes. Who can let other people’s feelings affect them and emphatically perceives how other people feel. But set a boundary between their feelings and yours and don’t let them dictate your peace. Be aware of your own inner peace and you can decide which feelings of other people or even films you let control you. And you can decide which one you consciously surrender to.


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