Fear of losing control

Fear of losing control


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“Have you made a video about the fear of losing control?”


Every fear has something to do with the fact that you don’t want to let yourself fall into the trust of life. Your thoughts hold on to people, situations and also feelings. This mental-emotional bond of your own thoughts and feelings to your body is so strong and doesn’t let you go, instead letting you stay in all sorts of illusions. So does the fear of losing control. The fear of losing your control is nothing other than the fear of bringing your mind into complete peace. And in the peace and quiet of letting go of all people, all possessions and every circumstance in your outside world.


My experience

I too was afraid of losing my possessions and not being able to continue running my parents‘ car dealership. I was afraid of moving 450 kilometers away from where I was born. In a region that was completely unknown to me, without any contact with people I knew. But even my fear of traveling alone to foreign countries didn’t stop me from continuing to follow the path of fear. Finally, I realized that the only way I could fight my fear was to face the fear and let everything go. Today I am grateful that I followed my intuition. Letting myself completely fall into life and trust in order to get rid of the fear with the fear. Because that is the only way to get rid of the fear of losing control. For once in your life, have nothing, own nothing, know no one. Then you will understand.


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The mind is so clever and lies to itself. The thoughts are so clever that you are not being honest with yourself, but are holding on to what you should have let go of long ago. Deep down, you know that being alone right now is the perfect time to hear yourself. Now is exactly the right time to be able to perceive yourself and let go of the fear of losing control. You only want to keep control if you think you can lose something: a person, property, an animal, a situation, etc. But be aware: only your mind holds on and death is part of life. You are already free when you recognize and no longer hold on to what was never yours.


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