Fear of not having money

Fear of not having money

Fear of not having money

Underlying thoughts:

“I’m afraid of not making any money at the end of the month… how do I get out of this?


If you are currently afraid of not making any money at the end of the month, then this fear is only in your own thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are your own warning signal to recognize yourself and find your inner peace again. To open yourself up to new things. Get clarity about your inner fears. Become fully aware of them in the moment they are there and recognize that they are holding you back from your own inner peace. Control your energy into calmness, or into implementation. Let them go completely and don’t let them determine your inner peace.

There is only the present moment. Realizing that all the thoughts of lack only take place within yourself, you can find peace or implement the solution. To make money and open yourself up to new things. But if you continue to dwell on the thoughts of fear, you will continue to feel trapped in it because you are giving your energy to it all. Realize this and then send your energy where you need it to free yourself from the suffering of fear. To calm down or work on a solution.


My experience

My life was also characterized by thoughts of lack. Lack of thoughts about my own self-worth. Thoughts of lack of money. But I realized that I was constantly focusing my attention on not having money or having to solve self-worth issues instead of putting my energy into solving them. Instead of focusing on what is beautiful in life. To find a job and do what I enjoy and where I enjoy working and also earn the money I need.


Do the following

If you recognize your thoughts, you no longer need fear. Realize that everything is impermanent and changing – the natural process of life. The fear is completely unfounded because everything is constantly changing. Just go along. Do what you enjoy and what interests you. Embrace the change and recognize yourself in all the suffering that you are causing yourself.


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