Feminine and masculine energy

Feminine and masculine energy

Feminine and masculine energy

Underlying thoughts:

“What do you say about feminine and masculine energy? Aren’t these both part of us?”


Again, be aware that this is an evaluation of your mind, seeking an explanation for what the woman or man represents. How the woman or the man should think or be. Only the mind asks itself whether both are part of it or not. Living female and male energy means that you decide for yourself which energy you live. Only your mind demands, evaluates, wants to be something or someone and constantly tries to identify itself. He tries to look for himself in femininity or masculinity.

But be clear that you are not your mind, nor do you need to look for femininity or masculinity, or be what you are told to be. You are. Only your mind tells you that you have to think and identify as female or male – an identification with who or how you have to be and think.


Do the following

Whether you were born in a male or female body is what your life was given to you. How you think about it and identify with it is just your thoughts. But realize that you are not your identifications with your thoughts about your body, but you live in and with it. If you give all these thoughts your energy, you identify with them. You think this way, feel male or female and act accordingly. You ask yourself in your mind whether you should live out feminine or masculine perspectives or whether you should think or be in a certain way.

Nothing gives you more clarity than detaching yourself from these thoughts and identifications, coming into the here and now and realizing that everything is there. In you. Beyond your identifications with the female or male gender and body. If you want to live female and male energy, recognize that it is only your mind and the identification associated with it.


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