Financial freedom

Financial freedom


Underlying thoughts:

“My topic is financial freedom, how you can achieve it internally so that it is reflected externally. I jump from one job to another and each job drains my energy. How do I get my income every month without having to call it work?”


If you want freedom in your outside world, then first recognize freedom in the present moment. No matter what you do and regardless of money or your outside world. (Turn off your head and notice). Because you can now do what you do with dedication and then create a life according to your ideas step by step. The one does not exclude the other. Be clear about this: if you (subconsciously) live in lack, of “constantly not being free,” then you attract lack. And you do that by believing that you are free through financial freedom. You are already free to do whatever you want in this moment. Freedom has nothing to do with money or possessions. Freedom is already within you, regardless of your outside world.


Do the following:

  1. Accept what you are currently doing. Acknowledge peace in the present moment and in the present job. Be patient with yourself.
  2. Write down clearly what you want deep down inside of you and make it clear to yourself every day. And know that there are no limits.
  3. Keep focusing on what you want. (Don’t focus on what you don’t want) and be patient. Accept the present moment fully. Let go and accept. Change your mindset with surrender to the moment and you will no longer live in lack.

Many people believe that they are free by becoming self-employed or starting a business. What a misconception. You are already free to do what you want in this moment. You can do anything you want, including to make money and become financially free. Do what brings you joy, enjoy the journey, because this journey, the here and now, is your life. Try yourself and listen deeply to yourself. Still your mind and you will know what to do to realize that you are free right now. This has nothing to do with money or possessions. Everything is within you, far from the searching of your mind.

Primarily acknowledge your peace and the abundance within you in order to know exactly what to do. If you want to be financially free, do what you need to do now to become so. And be aware, you don’t have to start a business or be self-employed. Find a job that fulfills you and that you enjoy, then you will no longer ask yourself what true freedom means.


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