Finding a partner

Finding a partner

Finding a partner

Underlying thoughts:

“I would love to have a partner who would be there for me and do me good. How do I find it?”


If you are looking for a partner to make you feel good and no longer empty through their presence in you, this is a desire and demand. You are not at peace with yourself, but are looking for and demanding that another person should compensate for your feeling of emptiness. People can consciously be there for each other, but if you demand someone to make you feel good about yourself, that is pure unconsciousness. If you continue to look for the feeling of being loved, you don’t realize that everything is within you. Everything and everyone is connected, it’s just your subconscious thoughts looking for balance. If you don’t recognize this, you will continue to look for yourself in other people and relationships.


My experience

I, too, have demanded love in relationships when I wasn’t at peace with myself. Sacrificing myself for others, I didn’t realize that I could give in balance. I caused a lot of suffering to myself and other people and didn’t realize that I was losing myself in relationships. But with each relationship it became clearer to me that ultimately it was me who could give unconditionally. Today I know that true love lies in giving unconditionally. Consciously being there for each other, but not sacrificing myself for other people. To stay with myself and give balance.


Do the following

Truly loving a person means being there for them. To give unconditionally, without asking in return and without demanding. This happens when you are at peace and in harmony with yourself and your life. You are clear with yourself and know how to control your life energy in balance so as not to sacrifice or lose yourself in a relationship. Be clear about the difference between unconditional love and pure demand from someone. Only when you are clear with yourself do you open up to your life and other people. Then you don’t need to search anymore, because then your life happens automatically. And the person who is supposed to belong to you finds you all by themselves – especially when you don’t look for it or think about it.


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