Fortune telling and foreseeing the future

Fortune telling and foreseeing the future

Fortune telling and foreseeing the future

Underlying thoughts:

“What do you think Sabrina, should I go to a fortune teller who will predict my life?”


You can do whatever you want, but be aware of the consequences. All your actions produce a result in how you act towards yourself and others or how you live your life. It is not impossible that there is a higher power. A power that will show you the way if you open yourself to it. But be clear about all thoughts, including those of a fortune teller. Because everything a person says to you has an impact on you and your life. Knowing something, hearing something, can completely change your life. Just from the perspective that another person talked you into something.


My experience

Again and again I met people who saw something in me. They analyzed me from head to toe. People who deal with feet, with faces with auras, etc. Once I was walking through the city, a person strolled past me and said: “Reading the aura…”, looked deep into me and described my life over the last four years. She saw something in me and recognized the deep peace and pain of the last few years. It was a strange experience, but it happened. Some strange things happened and I can say with certainty that there are forces at work that the mind cannot understand.


Do the following

Be aware of people who predict your future. Fortune telling and foreseeing the future – all of this happens in your mind. You create your life according to your thoughts. Whether you want to know your future or not. Whether it really is like that or whether it just happens because another person whispers it to you. It’s up to you how you live your life. Use your mind, your thoughts, be wise and create a life of deep joy. Easily recognize your thoughts when looking for a fortune teller. If you recognize him, you no longer need a fortune teller to shape your own future. Because energy follows your attention.


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