Freedom in independence

Freedom in independence

Freedom in independence

Underlying thoughts:

“Unfortunately, I am not yet self-employed and still earn my money as an employee. But that’s just how it is, or what do you say?”


Make it clear to yourself that you only have this moment and that you can direct your energy in this moment. You can consciously remove these from your mind and fulfill your current task with dedication, or do something else that excites you and brings you joy. It’s neither about being self-employed nor about being an entrepreneur. It’s about doing something with dedication because it excites you and you should be clear that you only have this present moment.

You are your own worst enemy or best friend. And it is you who is responsible for how you shape your actions and creations. But your thoughts tell you that you have to be self-employed or start a business in order to be free, happy and content. Realize that you are directing all your energy into your mind, which thinks that having achieved something “better” in life will make you happy.

There is only now. There is only this moment and shouldn’t you enjoy it in fullness and clarity? With dedication to your actions and creations? Recognize that your mind is misleading you and that you believe that being an employee is something “worse” than being self-employed or an entrepreneur. It is you who assigns a judgment to this fact instead of perceiving and enjoying the present moment.


Do the following

It’s not about not being financially successful, not having a lot of money, or not starting a business. It’s about being fully absorbed in your actions and creations. Anything else is a waste of life. Because it is you who perceives your world this way and creates it consciously or unconsciously through your own thinking. Live your dreams. Do what interests you and makes you happy. But remember: what you truly possess is the wealth of this moment. The wealth of fulfillment that you can recognize within yourself and is far away from self-employment, a company, money and/or possessions. It’s about doing something with pleasure and with all your heart. You create something without comparison, without arriving anywhere, without measuring yourself or imitating yourself. Only then will you realize what true freedom means.


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