Get into the moment

Get into the moment


Underlying thoughts:

“I do a lot of exercise, meditate every day, spend a lot of time in nature, but I still can’t get into the moment. Do you have a hint for me?“


Sport, nature and meditation can enable you to get closer to yourself. But the mind is so clever that it still switches on again and again or it tries to achieve and find something in all of this. Know that you have a mind and thoughts, don’t judge yourself for it. Rather, recognize that thoughts are there the moment you recognize them and become aware of them. During sports, in nature, while meditating or whatever else you are doing.


Do the following

It is therefore advisable that at this time, no matter what you do, you are alert and aware of yourself. You don’t need any sport, nature or meditation for this. Because right now and at this moment, you have thoughts or are so busy with a task that your mind serves as a tool. For me, meditation takes place in every moment of my life. Because every moment of life can represent a state of being awake by recognizing and reflecting on myself.

Let thoughts be there, but then come back to this moment. Drain the energy from your mind. Send them into your peace and notice what is happening around you and within yourself. Don’t try to understand or achieve anything in what you do. Recognize with certainty and full awareness how you are completing your task. Recognize how you think about and evaluate this task. Then you are already in the moment and realize that you can use your mind wisely for yourself and your life.


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