Get rid of fear

Get rid of fear

Get rid of fear

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“How do I get rid of my fears? I keep thinking about it…“


If you constantly think about your fears, have feelings of fear, then be aware that the fear is asking you to face it. Your thoughts and feelings of fear will not disappear, but will show you again and again that fear does not transform into fearlessness by doing nothing. To be fearless is to go into fear. If you are faced with a situation that gives you the tingling feeling of fear, thoughts of fear, then it is time to give in to this fear. Because that’s the only way you’ll free yourself from her.


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You are here to live life. To be enjoyed in abundance. But you will have moments and situations of fear. An instinct not to move on. But your life gives you these moments to test how far you will go. Go along, because this is your path. From this you will automatically recognize your fearlessness. Because if you face the fear, the situation, let go in the moment of fear, then you will free yourself. Because you realize that it is only your evaluation of the situation that makes you afraid and gives you the feeling of fear.

It is you who gives energy to your fear instead of fearlessly focusing on the situation of fear. Surrender yourself completely to it and thus free yourself from it. In the moment of fear you will realize that the fear is completely unfounded, because be aware that everything is constantly changing. Everything is temporary and all thoughts and feelings of fear only take place within you. You evaluate a situation of fear through your own thoughts. So use fear as a companion to show yourself that it is time to move on and break free from your own conditioned behaviors and fear.


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