Getting married and having children

Getting married and having children

Getting married and having children

Underlying thoughts:

“Is it important to get married and have children, what do you think about that?”


What matters is what you feel is important, no matter what that may be. Getting married and having children is increasingly becoming a social issue. You believe it is important to follow this mindset because others do it and it is expected by your parents, society, or even yourself. It is neither important to have children nor to get married. You live your life as you see fit, but don’t live it according to other people’s ideas. Or because you think a baby could give you love. Or you could hold onto and bind your partner through marriage.


My experience

Again and again I experience women who believe that they will get love through a baby. They believe children have to be there to compensate for their own lack of love. I met mothers who told me openly and honestly that they only had children because they wanted love from the children. – What selfishness and misconception in this way of thinking. Children are something very great, even if I don’t want to have children of my own. But I am very vigilant and observe what is going on in society. My little nephew keeps us quite busy, but it’s also about letting him be. To let it be so that he can go his own way. Just like every person should do, free from selfish ways of thinking.


Do the following

Be very aware of whether you want to have a child and get married because society or your partner wants you to. Because you act purely out of faith: “Someone might need you” or “May the little creature give you love”. Be sure: all of this is pure selfishness.

Be clear about whether you really want to pass something on to this little creature. Because it is you who primarily gives unconditionally. It is you who is responsible for this little creature and bears full responsibility. Recognize your false beliefs through social norms. Do what brings you joy and start a family because you want it from the bottom of your heart and want to give unconditionally. Because you are clear with yourself, live in abundance and at peace with yourself and your partner.


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