Give in balance

Give in balance

Give in balance

Underlying thoughts:

„I feel like I have to help him, so I’m avoiding him…why is that?“


If you feel like you have to help another person, but that’s why you avoid them, then that’s only happening within you. You are responsible for yourself and how you treat other people. Because we are all one and only each individual can do something for everyone. It is important to recognize why you want to help the person and that you can decide how much time and energy you give to them in order to consciously be there for them. Give in balance.

Sacrificing yourself, giving too much to please or be enough is unconsciousness. But if you consciously recognize your own energy potential and know that you can be there for other people, then open yourself up to them and don’t run away from it. Recognize how much energy you give to a person to make them realize and how much you keep with yourself. Then you are in balance and can be there to support others.


My experience

I love giving, but it took me a long time to realize that doing so helps people. To give my energy so that they can recognize themselves. I also protected myself for many years and I didn’t want to give anymore and withdrew into myself. I thought: „If I don’t get anything, then I won’t give anything.“ But giving selflessly without asking for anything in return is the greatest gift of life. Therefore, I give abundantly, selflessly and gladly to those who live in their own shadow. Because I am aware of what I can do and how much energy I can give.


Do the following

If you are also aware of your life energy and that you can give it to others, don’t be afraid anymore. Don’t be afraid to selflessly pass them on to others. Only this creates a world of togetherness and peace. Give others balance, but don’t forget yourself. And realize that being in balance allows you to be a role model for other people.


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