How do I become happy?

How do I become happy?

How do I become happy?

Underlying thoughts:

“How do I be happy, Sabrina?”


When you ask yourself how you will be happy, you direct all your energy into letting your mind rule over you. You dwell on the thoughts of wanting to be happy, of wanting to achieve something in your future, or of wanting to become someone. Instead of draining the energy from your thoughts, come to yourself and be grateful here and now for what your life has given you. You can focus your thoughts on the positive and beautiful in every moment of your life. Because be aware that this moment represents your life and shouldn’t it be lived out without limits?


My experience

I too spent a long time looking for happiness instead of enjoying the moment here and now. No matter where I was and what I was doing, I wanted more and was looking for the next thrill in life. Rather than savoring the moment and seeing the beauty in everything, I ran from one event to the next. During my travels around the world I experienced many things. But I only became aware of what I had experienced long after it was over. I didn’t enjoy it at the time when it happened, but when I reached my destination I wanted to move on… Today I consciously experience what I’m doing and the place where I am. I consciously decide where I want to go and enjoy every moment that is given to me.


Do the following

Be aware of where you are, what you are doing and who you are surrounding yourself with. Be clear about how you think about something or someone and behave accordingly. That is the key to being happy. Be clear about the fact that you neither can achieve happiness nor do you have to look for it. The search only takes place in your thoughts. You live in thoughts of lack instead of acknowledging the present moment and realizing that you only have this one moment. Being happy is the way. To be content and grateful now and to recognize the beauty that surrounds you. Realize that you are spending all your energy thinking about becoming happy at some point, instead of being happy here and now, in this moment.


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