How to let go?

How to let go?

How to let go?

Underlying thoughts:

“How to let go? Others can just let go and I can’t, I don’t know how to do that…“


If you try to understand and ask yourself how you let go, then you send all your energy into your mind. You neither let go nor find peace. You are not aware that you have a mind, but you let it rule over you.


Do the following

Be clear that you don’t have to search for ways to quiet your thoughts. If you realize that you are directing your energy into your questioning thoughts in this moment, you have already let go. Because you recognize your mind and what it does to you.

If you are clear that you no longer need to search, find, or understand, then you realize that you no longer have to ask how to let go. Then you have already let go. Because if you send your energy into peace, into the present moment, you realize that everything you think, see, perceive happens in your own mind. You recognize your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Be clear about the fact that you are neither your mind nor do you need to understand anything. Direct your energy where you want it and you will no longer let your mind control you, but let it serve.


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