Is a healer important for support?

Is a healer important for support?

Is a healer important for support?

Underlying thoughts:

“Have you tried getting a healer involved too??? I tried several, it cost a lot of money, but only helped for a short time. Is healer important for support???”


Many things in your life can help you recognize yourself, including a healer. But if you believe other people can save you, then be aware that they can only support you. If they tell you what to do and you believe them, then you are abdicating your responsibility. Because everything you read, including this post, can influence the way you think and live. You alone are responsible for how you feel, think and feel. Reflect on everything said. Support can be helpful, but it is only for self-awareness. Because if you recognize your own mind and what it tells you, then you realize that it is you who is causing all the suffering to yourself.


My experience

I was asked to run my parents‘ company. But I soon started having physical problems. I wasn’t aware that these were caused by me, so I went to see a Chinese medical doctor. I had him treat me for over 2 years. Acupuncture for the whole body to relax me should be the purpose of this healing. After the treatment, it only lasted for a certain time before he soon returned to him for the next treatment. These visits only brought peace to me for a certain time and I believed that it was just the way it was. I have physical problems because that’s just the way it is.

However, I didn’t realize at first that I was the subject myself and that my physical problems weren’t there for no reason. But 2 years later I became more and more aware that I wasn’t happy. My body had been telling me this for a long time, but I wasn’t listening. I didn’t admit to myself what it was really like. I didn’t want to continue my parents‘ business. Having made and expressed the decision, I was able to let go straight away and find healing. I was suddenly healthy and healed. I realized that holding on, the compulsion and the satisfaction of having to continue the parental business was the real issue in me.

Even today I still listen to my body because I know it is always right. My mind can scream as loudly and talk itself up as much as it wants. When my body says stop, I know for sure that it is not my path. No matter what I’m doing or where I am. When my body tells me that something is wrong, then I know that I have to let go.


Do the following

Be aware that you don’t need a healer to heal yourself. All you can do is listen. Perceive your body and recognize which path your heart tells you to take. You often already know, just listen. Be honest with yourself and let go of what is holding you deeply. Then you realize that you don’t need anything or anyone to heal. All you need is yourself and that deep voice within you, beyond what is called thoughts, feelings and mind.


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