It’s your choice

It’s your choice

It’s your choice

Underlying thoughts:

“Yes, you should go through life positively. You’re right.“


Be aware that life consists of many different phases that you have to go through. Your life gives you what you need to recognize yourself – your subconscious issues – and then let them go. If you don’t let go of them, you will continue to attract the same situations and people into your life. Because your thoughts and your actions automatically determine your outside world. Whether positive or negative, a state is a situation as it is. How you see and evaluate them are just thoughts. You can therefore also see a situation that seems painful for you positively, because this lesson can also free you from subconscious issues and bring inner peace. Therefore, use every lesson as a liberation for yourself.


My experience

Therefore, whether I am right or not is not in my power. It is in your power what you absorb from other people and make it into your thoughts and statements. My life also gives me moments that require me to withdraw. They are moments that make me wake up to hear what my inner world has to say. I use these lessons for myself and let go of the current situation completely. I know that deep peace only exists within myself and I can only realize this when I completely let go of thoughts about my outside world and situations in my life.

And if I do that, I realize that it is I myself who assign an assessment to the situation. Whether good or not. Everything in life is lessons that we have to learn. And only through these lessons can we recognize within ourselves what seems to be the right path for ourselves.


Do the following

Recognizing the beauty of the present moment is a gift given to you by life. As a human being, you can evaluate all situations and people – positively or negatively. You can decide how you see your life and you can change it at any time. But what’s the point of always seeing it negatively? What is the point of holding on to people and circumstances that draw life energy from you?

Take advantage of the current situation, reflect on your life and whether your life is what you want it to be. Change your perspective on your current external world so that you no longer live in deprivation. To no longer live in the way of thinking and acting that your life is negative. Change it for your good and look positively at what you have already changed for yourself. Because as a human being you have the choice. You have the choice to live and shape your life positively or negatively. You have the choice between inner peace and an unconscious life according to social norms.


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