Living out sex consciously

Living out sex consciously

Living out sex consciously

Underlying thoughts:

“Is it bad if I haven’t had sex at 27? …And what do you think about that?“


Everything you believe about sex and other social issues will also be truth for you. If you think it’s bad not to have had sex at 27, then it will be bad for you. You give this topic your energy. If you don’t think about it, then the topic won’t concern you. However, social norms make you think that you should have sex at a certain age, with a certain partner. But you decide what you think about this topic. You decide how, with whom and when you live it out and deal with it.

Sex is a natural instinct and serves to reproduce and maintain the human species. What you think about how and with whom you have sex, whether you procreate or not, is determined by your thoughts about it. Whether you loathe sex and live in shame, whether you enjoy doing it, instinctively need it, and even allow instinct to control you, is only within you. You can consciously live out this instinct in a relationship with others, or you can let it rule over you and follow your selfish urge without paying attention to others. You may even become addicted to it.


My experience

In the first years of my youth, my life gave me a person with whom I could enjoy sex to the fullest. We were both young and quite inexperienced at 15 years old. But we lived out the urge and all issues of shame, restraint and other unconscious sex issues were released from us. We had a wonderful time and saw sex as fun. However, in the relationships that followed, I recognized the unconsciousness of other partners. At the beginning there was no talk of freedom, ease and togetherness. None of them had experienced such an open and easy relationship as mine, I suddenly realized that. But soon her inhibitions also fell. They learned to deal with their instincts and to see the beauty in this act.


Do the following

Be clear that you can have the upper hand over your instincts, both sex and fear. Because you can control your thoughts about it. Don’t let it subconsciously control you. Sex is really fun when you are clear that you don’t need it compulsively. You can live out sex consciously and in balance together, because that is the privilege we humans are given. Not having had sex at the age of 27 is only as bad as you make it and what you think about it.


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