Loner or group person?

Loner or group person?

Loner or group person?

Underlying thoughts:

“Sabrina, what are you saying? Are we loners or pack animals?”


You are what you believe you are. The way you think is how you will feel and behave automatically. If you think you are a loner, then you will behave like that and be alone. If you believe you are a pack animal, then you will think that way, feel that way and behave accordingly. You will want to be around people.


Do the following

Recognize that it is you who assigns the roles to yourself. You are who you believe you are and identify with this role and mask. You can decide every moment and only now how you want to think, how you feel and how you behave in your outside world. However, if you are unconscious of your mind, what you are thinking, and who or what you identify with, then you do not realize that it is your own energy that you are unconsciously wasting. Instead of consciously directing your energy out of yourself.

Everything and everyone is connected. You too are part of the whole. Together we are One. And everyone can make a contribution to the community by being clear about how they treat themselves and therefore also other people. You can decide where you direct your own energy. Whether you use it unconsciously against or consciously for yourself and for the whole. Whether you identify yourself and why you do it.

Get clarity about your own life energy, keep a certain part of it with yourself and pass on part of it to others. Detached from everything you believe you are, you then automatically have it – you give yourself and others and are in harmony with everything.


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