Low energy

Low energy

Low energy

Underlying thoughts:

“External factors also influence us… I have to constantly maintain my energy, with the low energies here. This is so tiring. It’s other people who make you feel that way. So it is our outside world that is to blame for the low energies…“


If you think other people are to blame for how you feel, it is you who thinks and feels this. You blame others for the feelings inside you. The feeling of dealing with people who are in low energies takes place within you and is a challenge for you at this moment. You are too much on the outside and let other people’s energies determine you instead of yours at this moment To come to peace and recognize inner peace.

Be aware of what you think about other people and that they are neither to blame for the unconscious challenges they carry nor are they aware of what is going on inside you. Primarily, all the thinking and feeling takes place only within you. People with low energy fields carry a lot of burden with them and are usually unconscious of it. Withstanding low energies when you are around these people is a process of life. People who are not clear with themselves radiate this. You feel these energies because you are sensitive and already aware of yourself.


My experience

I also perceive the feelings and therefore the energies of other people. This has caused me a lot of trouble throughout my life. I let other people’s energies control me. Now I know how to differentiate myself energetically. I know how to deal with other people’s overwhelming and dissatisfied energies. Because I know that they are not my energies.


Do the following

Make it clear to yourself that you should neither blame another person nor bear responsibility for them. You only wear them for yourself and your feelings and thoughts. Remove the energy from your questioning mind and consciously direct it into your calm. Hold the energy within you and perceive yourself. Practice this every moment, then you will be a mirror for others who will be able to see themselves in you. You carry your light on, at peace with yourself. Without judging and evaluating other people in thoughts of resentment and anger.


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