Release tension

Release tension

Release tension

Underlying thoughts:

“I have tension and a headache, where is that coming from?”


Tension and headaches arise when you direct too much energy into your thoughts. If your thoughts are constantly spinning, they cause tension in the upper part of your body and can also cause tension in other areas of your body. Know that you are responsible for where you direct your energy and thereby create a result – physical discomfort. Because if you continue to direct all your energy into your mind, into your thoughts, your body will soon show you. Tension and headaches in the shoulder and neck area are the result – you lack the groundedness to be in the here and now.

Your body gives you the pain to recognize and wake up. If you feel tension and a headache, come back to the floor. Notice the floor and the lower part of your body. Be clear about the fact that your mind wants to “steer you somewhere.” Realize that there is only the here and now. Use your mind and energies consciously and wisely. Instead of wasting all your energy unconsciously in your mind and causing physical problems.

Do the following

Find yourself back in the moment. Be aware of the ground, your feet and what is happening around you and you will automatically be able to recognize and direct your energy distribution. In the present moment, the only thing that represents your life. Do this to relieve tension and headaches and to find more and more peace. Your mind keeps you permanently trapped in physical reactions. But it is up to you to persuade him to be quiet. You will quickly realize what he is doing to you and that it is you who is in constant unrest.


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