Self-love and self-worth

Self-love and self-worth

Self-love and self-worth

Underlying thoughts:

“I want to increase my self-worth and find self-love Sabrina, how does that work?”


If you want to increase your self-worth and find self-love, you will continue to channel your energy into your mind. You will continue to seek self-love to increase your self-worth. And don’t live this one moment, act the way you want – in peace or to implement – but search for love in your mind. It’s your thoughts reaching for something in your outside world. This searching creates resignation, depression or keeps you stuck in your mind and ruminating. You identify with the fact that you need to increase your self-worth. Everything is already inside you and it’s just a matter of letting go of these thoughts.

It’s just your thoughts telling you that you don’t have any self-love within you or that you need to increase your self-worth. They pretend that you can find something somewhere to be happy and inner contented. The mind is so clever that it is always searching. Everything is already there right now. You are. There is nothing to look for, nothing to find, nothing to become or achieve. You are already in the state of being. Only your thoughts are searching. You can consciously control your energy to where you want it to be. However, if you act unconsciously, you will continue to look for self-love or self-worth in your outside world. Conditioning makes you believe that you are constantly comparing yourself or that you can achieve and find something.


Do the following

Now is life. Now everything is there. Know yourself and your thoughts. Be aware that you are not your mind, you have it and only it can see a simple thing in a complex way. Use it wisely as a tool, go into implementation or find peace. Don’t let him control you anymore. Don’t search for something by pondering, but live here and now and recognize the beauty that lies in this moment.


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