Sorting and structuring thoughts

Sorting and structuring thoughts

Sorting and structuring thoughts

Underlying thoughts:

“You’re so structured, I’m not. I have to sort out my thoughts first and I want time for myself again…”


Deep inside you know the way, but your thoughts are so loud that you no longer perceive this quiet voice inside you. You distract yourself or allow yourself to be distracted and no longer recognize your path due to your confused mind. If you don’t give yourself the rest you need, if you don’t balance implementation and calm, then you will perceive yourself as confused and unstructured. You will no longer know what to truly do because your thoughts will race. Your thoughts are everywhere else except yourself, so that you can fully perceive your heart.


My experience

My thoughts were also very loud that I didn’t notice myself, but was only in my outside world. I soon became so physically ill that I had to hear myself. I did everything I could to avoid having to hear myself. Not having to notice what my actual path was. I ignored myself instead of listening to my inner self. The mind controls us and wants to keep us busy if we are not careful and consciously aware of it. He just wants to keep us busy so we don’t have to hear our inner voice. Only when you move your thoughts to complete calm, take time and peace just for yourself, switch off your outside world for a longer period of time, and do physical work, then you will realize. Before that, your mind will continue to play tricks on you, keeping you in a mood and searching everywhere.


Do the following

There is only now. You are currently reading these lines and realize whether they are of any use to you or not. Because that is your lifetime that you are currently spending with these lines. Energy follows your attention. Use your time – the here and now – wisely and intelligently. Find peace in your mind to sort your thoughts, stop dwelling on unnecessary things and get back on your path. Because your path lies only within you. Far away from your outside world or what you are dealing with. Listen, recognize your thoughts, what they reach for and search for, so that you don’t have to hear yourself. Then you will be able to sort and structure your thoughts and be alert to what needs to be done in this moment.


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