The key to your inner self

The key to your inner self

The key to your inner self

Underlying thoughts:

“Do you have a video/idea on how I can see/find/feel my inner self again and act accordingly? I no longer feel my intuition, even though I have a lot of “time” or am for myself, but in which I have responsibility (financial) and only care that I and my family are protected. (… ) … there is a key?“


If you don’t create a mental and physical distance from your fears, obligations, other people and money, then you will continue to sit on the same merry-go-round. Because your thoughts constantly revolve around your outside world. Your thoughts are so loud that your energy is somewhere completely different than yourself. So be aware of where you direct your energy and who you give it to – at every moment of your life. Be clear that you only have this moment. At the very moment you are reading this post, your thoughts are on the post – you are giving it your energy. And that’s how it is with all your life situations. If you give your energy to the same thoughts and people every day, then you will continue to think and live that way. So who or what do you give your life energy to?


My experience

From time to time I love to travel. Meeting new people and being inspired. That gets me out of my current situation. New things create new things in my head because I have to deal with new circumstances, have new experiences and no longer have room for old situations. I automatically let go. But I do all of this consciously, consciously expose myself to new life situations and people and continue to learn. I recognize who or what I give my energy to and who or what I withdraw my energy from. Because I alone decide what is good for me and what is not. Therefore, I control my life energy wisely and use it for rather than against myself and listen vigilantly to my body.


Do the following

Your thoughts are often so loud that you can’t let go, holding on because you’re not aware of it. Your thoughts are permanent – subconsciously – in your outside world, with other people, fears, obligations that hold you captive. What makes you listen is the silence. In the silence, far away from your thoughts, you recognize what your heart, your intuition, is telling you. And if you are honest with yourself, you already know what the next step is for you. Get inspired.

Leave your current situation all by yourself and realize what you really want. If you want to perceive your intuition again, let everything go – mentally. The key to your inner self is to let go of your fears, your obligations and other people. Take time for yourself in a place that seems neutral to you. To listen, to notice your thoughts and your body and to let your heart speak again.


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