Which faith suits me?

Which faith suits me?

Which faith suits me?

Underlying thoughts:

“Sabrina, do you believe in God? Or the universe? I took refuge in church because I was searching…or is spirituality the right thing?”


You give your life energy to the situation that you think about and believe in. If you look for yourself – in your mind – in the universe, in God, in faith, in the church or even in spirituality, you continue to stay in your mind. Be aware that you are giving your energy to your thoughts about faith. Instead of directing your energy towards yourself and doing what is necessary right now to make your life the way you want it to be. Your life is what you make it and what you think about and believe.


My experience

I also believed in God for a long time and went to church for many years. My parents grew up with the faith, so it was natural for me to live it. Likewise, I lost myself in spirituality. Spiritual techniques and behavior were my daily companions. It was the path I had to take to realize that there are only 2 basic behaviors: doing and being at rest. Everything else is a way of thinking, identification and the search in the mind for happiness.

Now I know that my life consists of being in peace or in the implementation of my inner desires. Point. Believing, thinking only makes me ruminate, dwell on thoughts and can even cause a downward spiral into depression. So, I just listen to what my body needs and implement it when necessary. I only spend my time in valuable situations and enjoy every moment that is given to me. Because thoughts and ruminations often only cause suffering.


Do the following

Deep within you is your peace and can be found nowhere else but there. What you are really looking for in faith, trust in everything, lies in this moment. Everything you are looking for is already within you and only from there can you redirect your life energy at any time and create your own world. If you are looking again, then realize that there is nothing to look for. It is your mind that you let control you. If you recognize your thoughts and that belief in something or someone only takes place in your mind, then you recognize identification. What you are really looking for is the peace that defines this moment. And that peace is beyond your thoughts or what you believe. Which faith suits me?


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