Achieve your dream body

Achieve your dream body

Achieve your dream body

Underlying thoughts of people:

“… a friend of mine… () … she can’t accept herself the way she is, she thinks she still needs to lose a lot of weight and achieve a certain dream figure so that she feels good… () … you happen to have one Made a video that I can send to her?”


Your body is the way it is right now. Only your mind’s evaluation of him gives you a corresponding feeling. Thoughts making you feel whether you are too thin, too ugly, etc. It is you who gives your body a rating and thereby triggers a feeling in you that makes you feel uncomfortable. You give everything your attention and charge these thoughts with energy – you live in lack.


My experience

A few years ago my body weighed 10 kilos more and I felt constantly uncomfortable in it. I didn’t know why and realized I was fueling my thoughts through my body – I was living in lack. When I realized this, I let go of those thoughts. I accepted myself as I was and looked for a sport that I enjoyed again. I no longer gave energy to thoughts of lack of my body, but rather to the implementation of shaping my body.

A balanced diet, a healthy amount of enjoyment, physical exercise and rest are part of my life. I do what I enjoy and not what causes me stress and pressure. Be it basketball training, badminton, advanced sports courses, martial arts, fitness training, yoga, jogging, cycling… I experienced it all and tried it all out.

Today I live in the mountains and go hiking whenever I can. If I’m not in the mountains, I go to the sea to surf. I also train at home and keep my body healthy with short fitness exercises. Go for long walks and use smaller activities, such as climbing stairs, carrying bikes to the basement or cleaning the apartment, as a form of exercise.


Do the following

Be clear about how you evaluate yourself and your body. No matter what your body appears to be like at the moment, it is just your perception, and you can direct your thoughts towards being positive about your body and accepting your curves, or taking action and shaping your body. It’s just up to you. But pushing yourself into a certain “dream figure” just because your mind believes you aren’t good enough, doesn’t look good, makes you live in lack and only gives you a heaviness.

Instead of worrying about how your body makes you feel and judging it, see your body as a shape that you can change at any time to the way you want it to be. Live your dream figure, think of the solution and practice patience little by little to keep your body fit and healthy. Soon you will realize that it is you who is causing all the suffering within yourself and constantly charging it with energy.


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