Balance between implementation and calm

Balance between implementation and calm

Balance between implementation and calm

Underlying thoughts of people:

“But I can’t do nothing all day. I need contact with people and my friends…”


Nobody says you should do nothing permanently. And no one tells you to just do all the time. Only your own thoughts pretend to be at rest or in action. Be clear about the balance between implementation and calm. Both are part of life. Give yourself, your body, the well-deserved rest, but also do what is necessary. With devotion to the moment. Because every moment is your life, no matter what you do. However, also be aware of what truly interests you and deeply fulfills you. It should neither harm yourself nor others, but serve both – that is where your power and task lies. So listen not only to your mind, but also to your body.


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Your life is what you do with it. But just being at rest causes you to become depressed because you are using your own life energy against yourself. You think you have to be in peace all the time and that’s how you behave. Be in the flow and implement what is now your task. No matter what the task is, carry it out with dedication to the moment and let your life energy flow freely. Or channel your life energy into well-deserved rest, give it to yourself because you are doing too much and are distracted by your outside world. Your life wants you to find peace in order to perceive inner processes and hear yourself think. Listen to your body and what it needs now.

If you find excuses in both cases, it is your mind that is blocking you. Be clear about your thoughts, your body and your well-being. And since you are a social being, it is natural to seek contact with other people. Live out the contact in a harmonious relationship. Open yourself up to other people, don’t block yourself and realize that everything in life is part of it.


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