Be a light in this world

Be a light in this world

Be a light in this world

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I find it difficult to remain at peace when people in strife attack me. As an empath, I notice the negativity and presto it is there within me. I wish I could close down on that.”


Everything and everyone is connected, so it’s natural that you feel free but also overwhelming energies from other people. Some people already realize this consciously, others are not aware of it. If you perceive yourself, what you think and feel, then you will also perceive what other people think and feel. You notice whether another person radiates free energies and calm. Whether he is happy with himself or whether he sends out oppressive energies. The first brings you energy and peace, the second makes you feel tired, overwhelmed and strained.


My experience

I have been sensing energies all my life and have recognized that many people live in pain and dissatisfaction. But I also recognize that I can do something with my free energy. To give to other people who live in the shadows without them consciously noticing anything. They begin to reflect through me, question their own lives and their feelings of resentment or anger are even reinforced.

People who recognize this in me use it for themselves. Others insult me. The biggest learning process is therefore to remain calm, even in the presence of people who are not at peace with themselves. Because this is the only way I can bring about a release of the issues in them. If something needs to be said, I consciously say what is necessary so that they can recognize themselves. That also creates space in me. I don’t eat up what’s left unsaid and destroy myself in the process.


Do the following

If you are free within yourself, you too can be a light for others. Use your free energy to wake people up. Because this is the only way they can find peace with themselves. Absorb this negative radiation and keep a certain amount of energy with you. Be balanced and don’t let other people’s negative energy influence you. Consciously say what needs to be said and remain silent when necessary. Always come back in these moments or get out of the situation. Practice this again and again until you learn to live your authority and know how to differentiate yourself.


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