Cardiac palpitations and extrasystoles

Cardiac palpitations and extrasystoles

Cardiac palpitations and extrasystoles

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“What can you do if you keep getting scared when your heart stops?”


If your heart is completely healthy, then be aware that you are devoting too much energy to your thoughts of fear. Heart palpitations and extrasystoles of your heart call you to realize that you are channeling all of your energy into your mind. This triggers a state of fear within you. You think about the inconsistency of your heart that causes you to conjure up thoughts of fear – perfection or a compulsion to control. This creates an imbalance in your body. You often recognize your heart palpitations when you are at peace with your body and perceive it sensitively.


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If you send too much energy into your mind and spend too much attention on your thoughts while your body is at rest, your heart will stumble. This happens while sitting, on the sofa in front of the TV or in bed in the evening. Your thoughts are racing, your body is at complete rest and your heart is stumbling. If such a situation occurs to you, recognize your thoughts. Thoughts that you give permanent attention to because you focus entirely on your mind – your outside world. Come back to the here and now, notice what is happening around you and let go of your thoughts completely. Try breathing techniques to bring your mind to complete calm, because your body already is.

If you let go of thoughts of fear, your past, the future, what could happen, or being focused, then you will find your balance and your heart will stop stumbling. Direct your energy consciously and keep energy within yourself. Don’t just give it to your mind. Also go into implementation or do physical activity. Be aware of your thoughts and what they can trigger. If you think you are at peace because you are at peace with your body, it may still be the case that you are – unconsciously – controlling your energy into your thoughts. Always remind yourself that there is only the present moment and that your body shows you what doesn’t seem to be in balance.


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