Change and transience

Change and transience

Change and transience

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Looking at your CV, you can see that you’ve already done a lot… what’s the reason why you kept going further?”


Not everything in a person’s life can be justified and things happen because they happen. Only the mind tries to understand everything, but often there is nothing to understand. It is like it is. Our task is to recognize how we deal with the situation that life gives us. Because we can only determine our attitude towards the matter and how we see it. The only constant thing in life is change and transience and if we don’t keep up with this, we will automatically suffer. Everything is temporary, but the mind resists change even though it is the natural way. We are here to learn and know ourselves.


My experience

Change is always happening in my life. I act intuitively or very directly and consciously from myself. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think of my path, because it is the path that is intended for me and that I have to take. If I don’t do this, I automatically suffer. My life is therefore one of constant change, as this is within my natural power. Everything is constantly changing, including you and me, because our beings also belong to nature.

Leaving my parents‘ company to work as an outdoor guide in the high ropes course or as a rafting guide on the water always led me to discover. It made me explore, have adventures and discover myself through it. I worked in an igloo hotel, lived as a surfer in Fuerteventura, spent 3 months in Kenya, studied in the USA… much more… and have traveled to different continents in the world to date. But one thing I realized from all this is that deep peace can only be found within ourselves. Beyond the outside world and what I can believe.

Everything I did came from an intuitive action. I took advantage of the opportunities now and didn’t think about whether this was good or bad. These intuitive actions come from deep within me – a quiet voice that shows me the way – even today. Beyond the thoughts my mind tells me. If I don’t listen to my given path, I automatically suffer because I don’t follow the natural force but what my mind tells me to do. I use my mind wisely, as if it were a tool, and to carry out action.

And that is also the reason why I live my life in constant change. Nothing gives me more clarity than recognizing what my life is telling me to do instead of doing what my mind or other people think is right. I trust the pure strength and power of life, because change and transience are natural to me. Always putting myself in new situations and learn. I just play the game of life because everything is temporary, no matter what I’m doing. I am the creator of my life and can decide how I shape and live my life. And I can decide whether I follow the natural flow of life or suffer by doing what my mind and other people tell me to do.


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