Having a conscious relationship

Having a conscious relationship

Having a conscious relationship

Underlying thoughts of people:

“She comes and says it has to go faster and I have to do it faster, this and that bothers her and all the contradictions. I do not get it …“


Primarily it is your mind that wants to understand. Therefore, recognize your thoughts and that you can decide whether you need to understand all this. Because you are responsible for your energy and what or who you use it for. People who make demands and want to change other people in order to feel good about themselves do not realize what they can trigger and do to other people. Demanding something unconsciously always means suffering. If a person demands that you change, it is up to you whether you agree to it, do it to please or because you really want to. But it should be what you want.


Do the following

You don’t have to understand another person, nor do you have to change for them if they ask you to. However, you can both decide to live together consciously. Recognize what is necessary now in this moment to counteract the pressure and the thought “everything has to go faster”. There is only the present moment and this moment is your life. Therefore, if you want to understand why another person reacts the way they do, it is up to you whether you let all of this prevail over your inner peace. You decide how you live your life: in resentment with pressure and stress or in peace and togetherness? Communication is a helpful tool for two people in a relationship to express how each other feels. There is nothing to understand. It’s about telling your counterpart what happens to you when he demands and asks for you.

To love unconditionally is to give without asking in return. Consciously talking to each other about how you and your partner feel will help you both live a relationship in harmony. But if the person is not aware of why he says the things he says, he will vehemently deny it. He will deny that demanding and longing in a relationship is his own issue within him – because it is his truth. You alone decide how much you give and to whom. Don’t let other people determine your inner peace, come back to the here and now. Don’t try to understand everything and you will live more calmly and calmly. Because having a conscious relationship means living your own freedom together.


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