Deciding calmly

Deciding calmly

Deciding calmly

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I now realize that when I have a lot of thoughts ( )… then I also feel stressed and restless. If I calm down my mind, then I can calmly decide what and how to do something…“


If you release too many stimuli into your body through your thoughts, you will feel restless and stressed. You take in many impressions of your outside world and only focus on them with your attention. People, situations, work or television, as well as news can unconsciously influence you and your thoughts. Everything you consume has an impact on you and your body. If you expose yourself to all the flood of information and are constantly surrounded by other people, then this has an impact on you and your body. Because everything that affects you in your thoughts triggers stimuli in your body that do not keep you in conscious calm, but in constant restlessness.

Deciding calmly

Do the following

Find your balance by keeping certain energy with you and sometimes moving your mind into complete silence. Only then will you know clearly that you can control your thoughts and your own life energy. Because you created your current external world, your life as it is right now – consciously or unconsciously. Your outside world is a mirror of your inside world. Whether negative or positive, neutral or not. All of this is your perception and takes place within you.

Disconnect from your mind, from your outside world, from the people who surround you and find silence. Find peace within yourself and recognize the power and energy that flows within you. Direct this energy where you want it and create your life as a person the way you want it. But for now it’s important to let go of everything, to let go of what defines you – identifications. If you don’t, you will continue to suffer, be restless, or stressed.

Try this: Every morning when you come to consciousness and wake up, your mind is busy with unconscious thoughts. Bring him to rest straight away in the morning, find complete silence, and then consciously shape your day and direct your energy the way you want. You can also do this in bed in the morning and then get up feeling at peace with yourself.

Everything is in you. Everything is already there, you just have to listen. Hear yourself and realize that it is you who is creating all the drama within yourself. It is only your mind that makes you live the life you are currently living. But you can also decide every day how you think, what you think and how you solve your tasks. Devoted to the present moment, or anxious to get everything done quickly? Know that you only have this moment and this moment represents your life. How would you like to spend it? That’s just up to you and your thoughts about it. Therefore, detach yourself from your mind, realize that you are not what you think. Create according to your ideas and live the life you want as a human being on planet Earth.


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