Eating consciously

Eating consciously

Eating consciously

Underlying thoughts:

„Sabrina, why don’t you have breakfast?“


My experience

If you eat a maximum of 1-2 meals a day, but a little more, your body only has a few times a day in which it is busy processing the food. One or two meals a day are enough for me. If I am physically active, I need a third person. In return, I have free energy during the digestion-free time, which I can use freely and clearly for my tasks. Neither laziness nor fatigue determine my life and the best possible energy can flow.


Do the following

Experiment with the times, variety and frequency of your meals and see what brings your body more sluggishness or the desired vitality. You can find out all this for yourself if you simply listen to your own body and how it feels before or after a meal. You don’t need any diets, specific rules or sacrifices.

Find out and decide for yourself what gives your body the lightness you want. Before and after a meal, you can decide for yourself what is good for you and what makes you feel sluggish, tired and listless. Pay attention to your body, what, when and how much you give it. Use your energy for yourself and not just for physical digestion. Eating consciously is a basic component of a healthy and vital life. If you consciously perceive yourself, your ideal weight will automatically level out. You then no longer need to worry about diets and sacrifices.


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