Enjoying consciously

Enjoying consciously

Enjoying consciously

Underlying thoughts of people:

“What is the best way to cope when you crave unhealthy food? Does this food compensate for something important, even though it is unhealthy mentally, is it good for the soul?”


Your body knows from experience that unhealthy food activates your reward system in the brain. If you are not pure, clear and at peace with yourself, you look for balance in your outside world. Whether it’s food, the love of other people or even an adrenaline rush. All of this affects your reward system. If you are aware of this, find peace here too and reflect on yourself in the moment. Quiet your mind and recognize what it requires to make you feel good. You demand to reward yourself because you are not satisfied with yourself and your life at that moment. You are not in the moment, accepting it fully, no matter how you feel at the moment, but instead seek balance through unhealthy food.


Do the following

No matter what you do, no matter how you feel, know that this moment is your life. Recognize that you are demanding unhealthy food in order to feel good about yourself. This is neither good nor bad, it is what it is. But notice yourself and your body and how you feel after eating. If you are at peace with yourself and your life, then you feel healthy, full of energy and you don’t need unhealthy food to feel good. You enjoy consciously and in balance. Therefore, make it clear to yourself what is weighing you down and holding you down in your life. Let go of thoughts and feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment and notice what brings well-being to your body and is good for it. Channel your energy into calm and peace and live the moment consciously.

Give yourself care and you will realize what brings you and your body well-being. Use the moment for rather than against yourself and enjoy consciously and in balance. And be aware that regulated abstinence and addiction represent limitations to your mind.


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