Exude authority

Exude authority

Exude authority

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Yes, how do I live my authority?”


People who recognize what inner peace means automatically live their authority. Because they know that they are responsible for their own thoughts, feelings and actions. These people stand up for what they say and how they behave. They set boundaries, show them clearly, radiate this and often have an intimidating effect on others. You will only live your authority when you accept yourself and other people as they are and no longer think about what others think of you. When feelings of guilt, resentment and insecurity towards authoritarian people no longer plague you and you stand up for what you say. You live your authority when you not only always give, but also are there for yourself.


My experience

For a long time I also felt guilty and was insecure about everything I did. I constantly gave my energy to others instead of taking care of myself, not paying attention to everything and saying “no” sometimes. I ducked authoritarian people and let them decide what to do with myself. Solving this issue through three men in my life, I realized that they continually determined my life. Full of anger from all the experiences I had experienced up to that point, these three shook up all the aggression and anger that had been pent up in me over the years – I was triggered. Since then, I have lived my authority and set conscious boundaries. I accept every authority and appreciate every person who tells me something directly or wants to improve me. Whether I then accept what has been said and give it my attention is up to me…


Do the following

You too can recognize the anger that you have bottled up for years of your life without consciously letting it out on authoritarian people. Without directly saying what you think and how you feel. Because if you go through this issue, let pent-up aggression go, then you will find peace within yourself and automatically live your authority. You accept authority. Appreciate it when they exude authority and say what they think directly and honestly and you can decide what you learn from it for yourself and your life. You will then know how to differentiate yourself and realize what it means to be fully responsible for your own life and other people. And remember one thing: not everything deserves your attention.


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